Blum pride themselves in offering their customers efficient manufacturing and consistent and accurate operating methods. This is why Blum are excited to introduce MINIPRESS top, the new generation of drilling and insertion machines that makes manufacturing easier than ever before.

The new features allow for accurate working methods and is designed to meet customers’ growing demand for more convenience and provide them with a state-of-the-art machine.

By offering MINIPRESS top Blum will provide customers with new features enabling fast and accurate handling, helping you optimise your work processes, for more precision, efficiency and quality. Combined with EASYSTICK, it provides dynamic handling of the X & Y axis making the MINIPRESS top a perfect package for all drilling operations on cabinets, doors and fronts.

Find out more about MINIPRESS top here.

The worktable and ruler are always in the same position. This improves precision and makes it easier to set up the workplace

Convenient drilling head clamping makes drilling head adjustments quick and easy. You can also use the drilling heads and rulers of PRO-CENTER and MINIPRESS PRO

Plan directly on the machine or use a USB memory stick to transfer your data from the Cabinet Configurator