Introducing EASYSTICK

the new ruler system by Blum

EASYSTICK is the new ruler technology by Blum offering customers enhanced convenience and precise drilling and assembly results. Now available to the Australian market, its objective is to improve handling and ensuring that dimensions can be set quickly and without error. EASYSTICK is an innovative assembly concept in comparison to other machinery in the market and is an attractive economical complete package for new users with EASYSTICK and MINIPRESS

Optimises the entire assembly process

Tool-free, easily adjustable and easy to understand, EASYSTICK supports the precise and convenient drilling and assembly of Blum fittings. Eliminating the need for manual adjustment of the stops, cabinet dimensions can simply be entered into the EASYSTICK touch screen, drilling positions are then digitally calculated and stops move automatically and light up the correct stop to use.

Projects created through Cabinet Configurator and/or DYNAPLAN and can easily be transferred with a USB to EASYSTICK and then manufactured by MINIPRESS. This eliminates the printing of DYNAPLAN drawings and drill patterns. Manufacturers receive optimum support through the Cabinet Configurator platform as well as, EASYSTICK and the EASY ASSEMBLY app.


Blum's EASYSTICK will be offered for drilling and insertion machines - MINIPRESS PRO and MINIPRESS P. Existing MINIPRESS users are able to have EASYSTICK retro-fitted to their machines from 2005 onwards.

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Supports and simplifies the most frequent drilling patterns and the assembly of all Blum fittings

Fixing positions are calculated digitally and automatically by the EASYSTICK computer and illuminated on the ruler, indicating the right positions for drilling