Blum releases SPACE STEP

Two practical functions rolled into one.

The SPACE STEP is the latest application and cabinet solution from Blum. It is a clever problem solver that enables users to reach higher levels of storage space more easily, while simultaneously providing additional storage space in the pull-out underneath the SPACE STEP. With the ability to be used throughout the home, not just the kitchen, the SPACE STEP creates plenty of design opportunities when it comes to creating additional storage space within the home.

Designed to be integrated into the kickboards of the cabinet, the SPACE STEP glides open so that it can be used as a step with a maximum load of 150kg, enabling the user to reach higher cabinets and creating a safe alternative to wobbly chairs and stools. The step will lower and lock securely in place when subjected to a minimum load of 8kg and the top of the step can simply be pushed back into the cabinet to reveal a pull-out underneath and added storage that conventionally would have remained unusable.

The SPACE STEP can be paired with Blum’s LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX box systems and MOVENTO and TANDEM runner systems. With step heights of 150 mm to 250 mm and cabinet widths of 400 mm to 1200 mm, SPACE STEP can be easily implemented with Blum’s motion technologies such as TIP-ON BLUMOTION. For supreme user convenience, SPACE STEP can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system and closes silently and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION

SPACE STEP will be available from November 2020.
Find out more about the inspiring SPACE STEP here!

Providing additional storage space in the pull-out underneath the SPACE STEP.

The step lowers securely and locks in place when subjected to a minimum load of 8kg, which prevents the SPACE STEP from slipping increasing product safety.

The SPACE STEP is a product that can be integrated into a range of different applications in all living areas through the clever use of the kickboard of the cabinet base


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