Overhead cabinets made easy

Beautifully functional and packed full of new technology, Blum has set high standards when developing our new AVENTOS HK top lift system. The result is a lift mechanism that is smaller in size and fits discreetly in the cabinet and offers easier installation thanks to its integrated technology.

Minimalist design

Installed close to the cabinet top panel, its clean-cut design fits inconspicuously into any overhead cabinets. The minimalist cover caps in silk white, light and dark grey provide plenty of design freedom. Clean-cut and with smooth surfaces, this solution is particularly effective for setting the scene for your furniture’s design.

Easy assembly

AVENTOS HK top allows manufacturers to choose between two symmetrical lift mechanism types – and two types of assembly. Depending on the manufacturing process, assembly can be completed with pre-mounted system screws and can be installed on the loose cabinet end before cabinet assembly. Alternatively, by using the lift mechanism chipboard screw with positioning template. The top panel and front edge of the cabinet sets the correct position and the AVENTOS HK top mechanism can be installed with no pre-drilling.

Thanks to the new assembly position, the drill holes are identical for every application and cabinet height.

Easy installation and adjustment

The new overhead lift system offers tried and tested front adjustment ease. The lift mechanism can be easily set from the front without having to remove the cover cap. Assembly steps can be carried out during manufacturing and after final installation, and any adjustments can be made easily onsite as required.

New integrated features

AVENTOS HK top offers integrated opening angle stop, which allows for the distance the front should open, to be set exactly as required. The integrated safety mechanism ensures safe installation and prevents the lever arm from folding out unintentionally during cabinet transportation and installation.

Regardless of the weight of the front, the new technology evenly distributes the opening forces, and the front will remain open exactly where you want it to when balanced.

Combine with BLUMOTION or TIP-ON

Soft close BLUMOTION comes as standard and ensures the cabinet will always close silently and effortlessly. TIP-ON, Blum’s mechanical opening support system supporting handle-less design only requires a single touch on the front to open.

SERVO DRIVE for AVENTOS HK top will be available in first quarter 2020.

Find out more about this inspiring new lift system here!

Clean-cut design and compact installation size, without compromising on functionality

AVENTOS HK top cover cap is available in silk white, light grey and dark grey

AVENTOS HK top is suitable for the kitchen and throughout the home