Two new hinges from Blum

At Blum, the needs of our customers are our greatest motivation in refining our fittings and the reason why our range is constantly growing. That’s why we have launched two new CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges to the Blum hinge range, containing Blum engineers' wealth of technical expertise.

CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° 0- protrusion hinge

Proven worldwide and setting new standards, the benefits of CLIP top BLUMOTION are now included in our new wide-angle hinge with 0-protrusion. In addition to the high quality of motion, CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° updated design combines familiar adjustment with the very highest quality of soft-close motion - BLUMOTION. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the BLUMOTION dampening is integrated into the hinge arm while keeping the installation size and drilling pattern the same as previous versions.

Being a wide-angle 0-protrusion hinge, the new fitting is ideal for cabinets with inner pull-outs, like the SPACE TOWER, and the integrated BLUMOTION feature can be deactivated for individual hinges via a simple switch to ensure that even smaller or lighter doors boast high quality of motion.

In addition to the hinges with integrated BLUMOTION, CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° is also available sprung or unsprung in the new hinge design.

CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors

CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors gives a large amount of creative freedom when designing furniture. This technology is suitable for doors of 8mm to 14mm thickness, using a wide range of materials such as chipboard, high-pressure laminate, mineral composite or ceramics.

What sets CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors apart is the EXPANDO T split dowel, which was developed specifically for this purpose. Steel pull-in anchors ensure a firm hold in hard materials, while plastic jaws ensure the same firm hold in softer materials.

Thanks to the 0-protrusion, the hinge is suitable for cabinets with inner pull-outs, and also standard applications. This hinge promises the usual high level of Blum quality in furniture with a simple design, as well as innovative technology for the life of the furniture.

The two new hinges are a highly anticipated upgrade within the CLIP top BLUMOTION programme, for more information on Blum’s full hinge range, please click here.