The sophisticated runner system

MOVENTO is a concealed runner system and the sophisticated solution for your wooden design ideas. The synchronised feather-light glide ensures an ultra-smooth running action. The 4-dimensional adjustment options provide you with a precise gap layout. What's more, the full extension excels in terms of high stability and load bearing capacity. MOVENTO can be used with 3 motion technologies for soft and effortless opening and closing.

Synchronised feather-light glide for more peace and quiet

The synchronised feather-light glide is a special feature of the MOVENTO runner system. The runner components run smoothly and silently – for soft and effortless opening and closing. Low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers ensure an optimal weight distribution.

Innovative technology for greater quality of motion

Your customers will appreciate the enhanced ease of use of MOVENTO; when the drawer is opened, the runner profile immediately transitions to the feather-light glide. And thanks to the BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism, it closes again just as softly and effortlessly – even when heavy pull-outs receive a forceful push.

High stability for greater load bearing capacity

MOVENTO boasts excellent stability and a high load bearing capacity. Thanks to its superb sag values, the runner system is ideal for applications near to the floor, too. This makes the full extension with 40 kg and 70 kg load bearing classes the first choice for all living areas, even when you are using wide, high and deep pull-outs.

BLUMOTION S – Three in one

Our new BLUMOTION S runner for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO gives you the flexibility to implement three different motion technologies with a single runner. And you get perfect soft-close BLUMOTION.


Application examples

MOVENTO in the kitchen

Its stability and load bearing capacity make MOVENTO ideal for wide and high pull-outs with heavy items, such as pots or pans.

MOVENTO in the living room

Be it wide or narrow, high or low, all kinds of drawers are possible with MOVENTO – from a lowboard for the TV through to a sideboard next to the dining table.

MOVENTO in the dining room

MOVENTO can even be used to create very large and spacious pull-outs, providing ample storage space under a bench, for example.