Hinge systems by Blum

Motion is not just about opening and closing doors

It is our motivation to develop fittings that meet customers’ needs. That is why we are always enhancing and adding more products to our hinge range. We have the right solution for your project.

All our engineers' expertise goes into our hinges. Ingenuity and inventive powers create the functionality that is unique to Blum. Our hinge systems stand for reliable function, enhanced adjustment and assembly ease and attractive design. They are designed to withstand 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

For a wide range of applications

Our hinge range offers solutions for many different applications such as wood, glass and aluminium frame doors as well as thin and thick doors. We also offer special solutions such as blind corner and angled applications. Blum provides the right solution for any door.

Hinges in onyx black for dark furniture

We offer hinges in onyx black so that manufacturers can meet the trend towards dark furniture and continue the dark theme through to interiors. This makes it easy to focus on design: you can pull together a finished dark look with dark furniture and colour coordinated fittings or create visual impact with dark accents in light-coloured furniture.

All our hinges have one thing in common

Easy adjustment: our hinges allow for 3-dimensional adjustment. Precise side, height and depth adjustment produces the perfect gap layout in all living areas.

Handle-less fronts

Blum's TIP-ON motion technology allows you to implement fronts without handles or provide additional opening support. Whether drilled into the cabinet side or fitted with an adapter plate, handle-less doors open with a single touch, giving users easy access to the opening edge of fronts.