Create your own pull-out with LEGRABOX design options

Blum meets the demand for fully customisable designs with the LEGRABOX box system. Thanks to the double-shell drawer side, it is now possible to add printing, embossing and special surface finishes - or to mix colours and materials to your heart's content. Now there is nothing to stop you from creating your own unique collection of pull-outs.

LEGRABOX is ideal for manufacturers and designers with the most exacting design requirements. With elegant, slim drawer sides and many incredible design options, it is possible to create a distinctive drawer design. The box system opens the door to your unique creation: ‘myLEGRABOX’.

The basics: LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free

The basic programme is made up of LEGRABOX pure with metal sides and LEGRABOX free with design elements which can be glass, or the manufacturers' own distinctive elements made from wood or any other appropriate material. There is a variety of drawer side colours to choose from. A customised, printed or embossed branding element also adds a touch of individuality.

The special collection: LEGRABOX special edition

With LEGRABOX special edition, Blum has put together a colour-coordinated collection of incredible drawer side looks based on the new colour, carbon black matt. This can be combined with anti-fingerprint stainless steel, a special carbon-look 3D embossing or with a noble rust textured coating. This means that it is possible to cover the trends for dark, matt and silk colours and finishes, even when small quantities are ordered.

The ultimate in customisation: LEGRABOX individual

LEGRABOX individual lets manufacturers explore their creative side. Whether a classic look with the emphasis on elegance, or something rather more extravagant, at the top design level of LEGRABOX, there is greater freedom to be creative and conceive unique designs: by mixing colours and materials inside and out, or by printing, laser-engraving or embossing them with customised designs.

Customisation made easy

Manufacturers can create individual designs based on LEGRABOX individual as well as the carefully selected LEGRABOX special edition collection at even lower minimum quantities thanks to the option of final assembly on site. This involves customers ordering the decorative elements and drawer sides separately and assembling them in their own workshops in just a few steps. This makes it possible to manufacture stunning drawer designs in low quantities and with flexibility.

LEGRABOX pure impresses with its characteristic design line on the slim, elegant drawer side

LEGRABOX free delivers a diverse look with customisable design elements – and not just in the kitchen

LEGRABOX special edition is a special collection using the new colour carbon black matt, combined with different finishes such as noble rust or a carbon-look.

Printing, lasering, embossing – with LEGRABOX individual, creativity and individual design knows no bounds