Enhanced EASYSTICK Computer 2.0

EASYSTICK computer 2.0 is the updated automated ruler system for drilling and insertion machines designed to enhance convenience and accuracy for cabinet makers and manufacturers. Available from 1st of March 2024, the EASYSTICK computer 2.0 offers even more efficiency and precision with a new and more powerful computer and a larger, more precise touchscreen for faster and accurate inputs from the user .

EASYSTICK computer 2.0 optimises the entire assembly process, giving you fast and simple machine set-up and perfect results. The drilling positions are calculated digitally through the screen attached to the MINIPRESS, stops move automatically to the right position and you are shown the correct fixing positions step by step.

When combined with Blum’s E-SERVICES such as Cabinet Configurator and Product Configurator, the new and improved EASYSTICK computer 2.0 adds a completely new dimension to installation and assembly. With Blum’s Wi-Fi adaptor for EASYSTICK computer 2.0, you can now transfer BXF files wirelessly from Cabinet Configurator and Product Configurator, download and transfer by a USB stick or plan directly on the EASYSTICK com puter 2.0 screen.

The new EASYSTICK computer 2.0 can be paired with Blum’s current drilling and insertion machines, MINIPRESS top and MINIPRESS P, as well as the now-discontinued MINIPRESS PRO for a consistent and streamlined drilling process across the entire range.

For existing EASYSTICK users, an additional spacer will be required to fit the EASYSTICK computer 2.0 to their MINIPRESS P and MINIPRESS PRO machines. MINIPRESS P and MINIPRESS PRO users ordering EASYSTICK for the first time with the new EASYSTICK computer 2.0 will require an additional fixing kit.

The features of the new EASYSTICK computer 2.0 include:

  • The new EASYSTICK computer 2.0 has 5 times the processing performance of the existing EASYSTICK computers, meaning shorter load times and improved efficiency.

  • The new capacitive touch screen is much more responsive.

  • Featuring a new 12.1-inch display.

  • New swiping feature allows you to easily navigate between pages.

  • Greater scratch and wear resistance for improved durability.

  • 1 Screen is compatible across the MINIPRESS top, MINIPRESS P & MINIPRESS PRO machines.

Learn more about EASYSTICK here!