REVEGO – the solution for flexible use of space

Pocket systems from Blum conceal functional furniture units and improve the quality of life in your home, and assembly could not be simpler.

From the 1st May 2024, REVEGO, the new pocket system from Blum, enables brand-new design possibilities with supreme ease of use, together with simple planning and assembly.

More and more people are combining their kitchen, dining, living and working areas into one contemporary open-plan space. With increasing urbanisation and more densely populated metropolitan areas, living spaces of the future are also likely to be smaller. The pocket systems from Blum creates brand-new opportunities - the ability to quickly create complete living areas when you need them, and then simply close them off again. This brings completely new design possibilities for rooms, both big and small and helps to create a homely atmosphere.

The new pocket systems product category is characterised by the ease of use that is synonymous with Blum. Thanks to the TIP-ON motion technology, users open cabinet doors with the lightest of touches and slide them away completely into the pocket. The kitchen workspace, home office or laundry room is now easily accessible. To close off the space, the user simply presses the door to release it from the pocket and then presses it again to elegantly conceal the entire area. When they are closed, the doors conceal the furniture units, including their pockets, making REVEGO the ideal solution for the multifunctional use of space.

The secret lies in simple manufacturing and assembly

What makes the pocket systems so innovative? The unique one-touch door system for single and double door applications is impressive, thanks to its fully integrated technology and ease of integration into the kitchen layout or furniture units. The smart fixed-width cabinet solution can also be easily incorporated into plans featuring standard cabinets: pocket widths are 100 mm for the single door REVEGO uno and 150 mm for the double door REVEGO duo. When it comes to design, the solution offers plenty of room for flexibility: the single doors can be 450 to 900 mm wide and the double doors can be 450 to 750 mm wide, as well as 1800 to 3000 mm high. The AR application can assist you with your planning by placing a REVEGO in your space with your iPhone or iPad. Simply download the app in the app store.

The pocket systems can also be produced and pre-assembled by the manufacturer for delivery to the place of installation. Final assembly on site is therefore simplicity itself: put up, align and mount the pockets; install the doors and track; make any final adjustments – easy!

REVEGO – the solution from Blum for concealing kitchen units or entire living areas

The smart cabinet solution with fixed pocket widths can be easily incorporated into plans featuring standard cabinets, making light work of assembly

REVEGO is an impressive single and double door application, available for installation with a range of plinth options

The pocket system can be produced and pre-assembled for delivery to the place of installation