The secret's inside!

CLIP top BLUMOTION combines innovative technology, award-winning design and top quality motion within the smallest space, for soft-close BLUMOTION has been seamlessly integrated into the boss.

BLUMOTION is integrated in the hinge boss

Impeccable, clock-like precision. Integrated soft close is innovative technology at its best. Effective and integral to delivering soft and effortless closing to cabinet doors.

Perfect motion for every door

Soft-close BLUMOTION adapts to the dynamics of every door. So all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight or force with which you close them.

Soft close geared to your needs

The BLUMOTION feature can be deactivated to ensure that even smaller or lighter doors boast top quality motion.

Creating new possibilities

The 110° hinge allows you to implement thicker doors of up to 24 mm – depending on application. The new pivoting point prevents collision with the cabinet front edge when the door is open.

Good design has multiple advantages

For us, design elegance is a perfect combination of function and form. That’s what makes CLIP top BLUMOTION so outstanding.


CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black

Dark furniture radiates sleek elegance – within and without. CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black discreetly complements furniture and creates visual impact. It gives you greater scope for designing fine furniture without compromising on form.

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Case Studies

155° wide angled application

Our 0-protrusion hinge allows you to implement inner pull-outs in the SPACE TOWER cabinet.

Hinge for thin doors

The hinge for thin doors allows you to use fronts with a thickness of just 8 mm or more.

125° hinge for thick fronts and profile/thick doors

The 125° hinge is ideal for thick doors up to 32 mm, for example in bathrooms.

110° standard hinge

This elegant hinge combines top technology with stylish looks

Angled application

Top quality motion for all angled applications from -50° to + 50°.

Blind corner hinge

Blind corner applications can also be implemented with ease with CLIP top BLUMOTION, the hinge with integrated soft close.

Profile hinge for thick doors

More scope for door thicknesses thanks to the pivoting point.


The design and function of our fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of our products and services.