Stanley, NC | February 2019

Lift systems reimagined

AVENTOS HK top by Blum is the new generation of lift system featuring easy installation.


The new AVENTOS HK top empowers customers to confidently adopt lift systems with its ease of installation. A template has been integrated into the lift mechanism itself, taking the guesswork out of installation. AVENTOS HK top is symmetrical, meaning it can be mounted to either side of the cabinet. Just like other AVENTOS models, the new stay lift also offers tried and tested front adjustment ease. The AVENTOS HK top lift mechanism can be easily set from the front (without having to move the cover cap). Opening angles can be set between 75° and 107° with a quick twist of a screwdriver, and an innovative safety mechanism prevents the lever arm from folding out unintentionally, ensuring a safe installation.


Forward-thinking design

Not only making a statement with its performance, AVENTOS HK top makes an elevated look possible. Less than half the size of the present AVENTOS HK model, AVENTOS HK top is installed close to the top panel so it blends into the cabinet. The newly designed, minimalist cover caps are available in two colors. Suitable for a variety of applications throughout the home, AVENTOS HK top boasts low opening forces and extremely smooth motion.


Product will be available Summer 2019.

AVENTOS HK top features easy installation and simple adjustment.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, you can create unique spaces individualized to your clients' needs.