Stanley, NC | June 2018

Blum optimizes LEGRABOX runner - one runner, many possibilities

New LEGRABOX profile provides three different motion technologies in one cabinet profile.


Offering the right solution for every level of user convenience is important, and Blum understands the need to keep the product range manageable. With the new LEGRABOX profile, cabinet manufacturers can offer a large scope of function, all with one runner, saving warehouse space and confusion when ordering parts.

Three different motion technologies, BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and SERVO-DRIVE are all achievable with the optimized LEGRABOX profile. Whether you opt for the electric or mechanical opening support system, Blum's various motion technologies give you the right solution for every living area and every comfort level.

Getting the right mix

Combining different technologies in the same space brings enhanced user convenience to kitchens and other areas of the home as needed. The integrated BLUMOTION soft close ensures drawers always close softly and effortlessly. Cabinets equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system, glide open at a single touch, which is especially handy for waste drawers. TIP-ON BLUMOTION is Blum's mechanical solution allowing cabinet drawers to open with a single touch and close gently with a fluid push. LEGRABOX can be customized with these features.


LEGRABOX can be recognized by its straight lines that create a sleek design. This box system offers notably slim drawer profile thicknesses meaning more storage space in drawers, so items are always in easy reach. With its sleek finish available in two colors, LEGRABOX can be used with any style front offering a solution for any taste. Combining these endless design opportunities with Blum's motion technologies is a perfect recipe for a well-designed, highly functioning kitchen.

Three different motion technologies can be implemented with the new LEGRABOX runner.

Combine Blum's motion technologies as needed to bring enhanced user convenience to kitchens and living areas throughout the home.