Stanley, NC | July 2018

Wide angle hinge with soft close puts comfort and convenience within reach

CLIP top BLUMOTION, the innovative hinge solution by Blum, has all the components needed for soft and effortless closing now in 125° and 155° opening angles.

Building on the success of Blum's current range of CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges with integrated soft close, the company has expanded the program to include the CLIP top 155° and CLIP top 125° hinges. This is the first time Blum has provided an integrated soft-close hinge in wide-angle application. These zero protrusion hinges are ideal for applications with interior rollouts because they move the door away from the cabinet, minimizing the risk of collision and promotion greater access to storage items.

CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° and CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° not only have the integrated soft closing element, but also feature a small installation size. Accessories include hinge arm cover caps, hinge cup cover caps and angle restriction clips.

Product will be available in mid-September of this year.

Proven CLIP technology

Blum's innovative CLIP technology makes installing cabinet doors as simple as ever. With CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, doors may be shipped separately from cabinet frames and attached on-site, without tools while maintaining alignment. With built-in soft close, CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges are available in a full range of opening angles and configurations. For small or light doors, the BLUMOTION mechanism can be manually de-activated with a simple switch on the side of the hinge so the level of soft close resistance can be controlled.

Ideal for pantry applications, Blum's CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinges with integrated soft close moves the door away from the cabinet for better access to storage items.

The CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° and CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinges feature a bore depth of 11.7 mm.