A simplified installation.

COMPACT CLIP installs like a one-piece hinge.

The hinge comes pre-attached to the mounting plate to make hinge installation familiar and quick. COMPACT CLIP hinges are interchangeable with all current COMPACT BLUMOTION and COMPACT hinges so there is no need to change existing setups or workflows.

Easy removal of doors

Doors can be easily removed by pressing down on the CLIP lever and sliding forward to release from the mounting plate. Removal can be done on the assembly line so the doors can be shipped separately from the cabinet or once the cabinet arrives at the jobsite.

No matter how many times the hinge is removed from the mounting plate, the adjustments will remain at factory settings.

Quick attachment

To reattach the hinge, simply line it up to the mounting plate and gently press until it clicks.

Pre-attached screw

Every detail to improve installation has been thought about, including the pre-attached screw. Not only does this save time so there’s no handling of loose screws, it also improves screw head visibility and installation accuracy.


No more having to always readjust the door height each time the door is removed! Thanks to a built-in cam height adjustment, installers will always have the maximum adjustment range without needing to be centered in an elongated hole. Depth and side-to-side adjustments are also available, with markings stamped on the hinge near their corresponding screw head.

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