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Introducing COMPACT CLIP, the new standard for premium framed cabinets. Now available to order!


The new COMPACT CLIP hinge is a combination of more than 50 years of innovation to meet the needs of today. This new hinge, designed specifically for face frame cabinets, allows doors to be easily removed and attached to quicken processes either on the assembly line or during field installation. Featuring a pre-attached plate, the hinge is delivered in one piece for improved installation accuracy.

Tool-free Attachment

With the CLIP feature, doors can easily be removed for installers to hang cabinets at the jobsite and easily reattached with a secure hold, all tool-free.

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Accurate Installation

Adjustments remain unchanged, no matter how many times the door is removed and attached, saving installers time on the jobsite.

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Integrated soft close

Soft close BLUMOTION is integrated into the hinge cup, ensuring a soft, silent close each time. The deactivation switch can be used to control the speed of the close on small or light doors.

Reduced call-backs and damage

Reattachment of screws when installing cabinet doors can weaken or damage face frames. With COMPACT CLIP, the door can be removed and reattached quickly and tool-free, improving the quality of installations.

On-time completion

With the CLIP feature and unchanged adjustments, no matter how many times the door is removed and attached, installers can complete jobs more quickly, saving time and money.

Customer satisfaction

COMPACT CLIP is user friendly for installation in the cabinet shop, on the jobsite and for the homeowner. Accurate installs save time and reduce the risk of damage to the cabinet frame.

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