CLIP top BLUMOTION: Everything inside

Slamming doors are a thing of the past. With CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges doors close silently because the BLUMOTION soft close feature is built into the hinge cup. These hinges are also equipped with a deactivation switch so even small and light-weight doors close effortlessly every time.

Product information:

  • Standard 110° hinge
  • Standard 110°+ hinge
  • 95° thick door hinges
  • Inset blind corner hinges
  • Angled hinges
  • Narrow aluminum hinges

CLIP top BLUMOTION applications

More pictures of CLIP top BLUMOTION


Features, like INSERTA and the CLIP attachment mechanism, make attaching the hinge to the door and mounting plate easy and tool-free. CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges also use the same boring pattern as CLIP top hinges (however, the boring depth has changed to 13 mm), and doors can easily be adjusted in three directions with a POZI screw driver. Blum offers machines that assist with boring and inserting hinges, as well as templates that make installation easy.

Blum assembly aids

Benefits at a glance:

  • Soft closing action built into the hinge cup
  • Deactivation switch for small or light doors
  • Compatible with all CLIP mounting plates
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