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FOR EVERYONE: Visit three domestic settings

Blum is presenting its comprehensive portfolio at interzum

Different requirements, lifestyles and budgets define the demands on kitchen and domestic furniture. With this in mind, Blum is illustrating typical living environments and lifestyles in three different domestic settings at interzum. The fittings manufacturer is showcasing the wide range of its product portfolio using creative furniture solutions.


The realities of domestic life are differ widely all over the world yet also have many similarities: living spaces are becoming smaller, the desire for optimal space utilisation and flexible solutions is increasing, and rising costs are greatly influencing consumer behaviour. Along with trends such as closing off large areas and individual furniture design, digitalisation has also been introduced into kitchen and home furniture. Under the motto "FOR EVERYONE", Blum clearly illustrates that it offers suitable products for every requirement and every budget as well as inspiring ideas for practical furniture.

Visiting Barcelona, Berlin and Singapore
The detail-rich domestic settings give the impression of being in the home of the people shown. This type of presentation not only provides a realistic experience of existing products and innovations, but also provides a setting for personal discussions. In the young couple from Barcelona's first apartment, robust features, optimal use of storage space and versatile usage options of furniture play a major role. Applications such as the SPACE STEP plinth solution or the SPACE TWIN narrow cabinet make the most of the available space. Just around the corner, the lively family in Berlin needs both high-quality and practical applications for their hectic family life in their terraced house. The parents are happy when messy areas can be quickly and easily "hidden". With the REVEGO pocket system, the creative chaos of the young daughters becomes effortlessly tidy.

Furniture tailored to individual needs
In contrast, in the third domestic setting of the busy couple from Singapore, the freedom to shape their own lives is paramount. Here you can find stylish examples of how your own personality can be expressed in furniture and living spaces, and how top-quality materials support sophisticated design. With the myLEGRABOX individual drawer side design, furniture is taken to a whole new level. Discreet fittings such as the AVENTOS HKi lift system, which is fully integrated into the side panel, or hinges with dark surfaces blend beautifully into high-quality furniture. "We are looking forward to meeting our visitors in person again at interzum 2023. Under the motto FOR EVERYONE, we can show in an emotive way with these three domestic settings how versatile and comprehensive our product portfolio is," explains Philipp Blum, Managing Director of the Blum Group, adding: "We are expecting lots of interesting conversations and are looking forward to a lively exchange."

Likeable personas such as the couple from Barcelona bring furniture to life. Detail-rich domestic settings invite you to explore functional furniture solutions.

Philipp Blum, Managing Director of the Blum Group


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