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Power integrated furniture – safe and systematic

AMPEROS by Blum enables easy electrification of furniture

Power or charge devices directly in the drawer, create an atmospheric ambience or provide practical lighting – the furniture of the future will be powered by AMPEROS from Blum. And even better, absolutely no electrical engineering skills are required. The manufacturer of fittings will be presenting its new product at interzum 2023, and has won the interzum "Best of the Best" award.


AMPEROS is the safe and simple solution from Blum for the electrification of furniture. Manufacturing, assembly and installation are extremely easy and do not require any electrical expertise. Power is safely supplied to drawers or pull-out shelves without any free-hanging or visible cables, allowing lighting, chargers or other electrical appliances to be used in and on moving furniture parts. AMPEROS also provides the basis for a variety of creative applications that will be made possible in the future thanks to this innovation from the Austrian fittings manufacturer. Combining design with functionality, AMPEROS generates customer benefits and improves quality of living. The 2023 interzum awards jury thought so too and presented AMPEROS with the Best of the Best award.

AMPEROS AC is a 230 V individual solution that can be combined with Blum pull-out systems and uses an existing interface on the Blum cabinet profile for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO. It can even be retrofitted without needing any more space underneath or at the rear. AMPEROS AC does not need a drawer back, making it particularly suitable for pull-out shelves to power coffee machines, food processors, printers or other appliances.

AMPEROS DC is a clever piece of 24 V infrastructure for supplying entire base cabinets with power. Drawers can be fitted and removed with ease and without having to detach any cables. The solution brings light to dark drawers and allows devices to be charged via USB-C. This future-proof port means that electronic devices can be stored and charged at the same time. A power profile on the back of the cabinet eliminates the need for complicated cabling or replaceable batteries. The USB ports and lighting can be switched on and controlled via an app.

Easy to retrofit, ideal as an on-off solution and for pull-out shelves: AMPEROS AC

The clever AMPEROS DC supplies entire base cabinets with 24 V direct current


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