The easy way to assemble thin fronts

The first fixing method for thin fronts for wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs

Innovative and simple

Our fixing method for thin fronts is based on EXPANDO T. Steel teeth bite into the material of hard fronts while nylon components ensure firm anchorage in soft materials.

A single solution for three applications

We want to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve developed a single fixing method that can be used for three different applications: wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs. Furniture with thin fronts can be implemented with ease, delivering tried and tested Blum functionality to living areas throughout the home.

Wall cabinets

Selected lift systems (AVENTOS HK, HS and HL) can be implemented with the fixing method for thin fronts. Fixing positions remain the same.


Boss drilling is no longer required thanks to the new EXPANDO T fixing method. Soft-close BLUMOTION has been integrated in the CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge for thin doors.


Thin fronts best bring out the slim design of LEGRABOX drawers and pull-outs. Fixing positions remain unchanged so the front can be assembled in next to no time.

Range for lift systems, doors and pull-outs

The special thing about EXPANDO T is that it gives you a single fixing system for three different applications. Now you can not only use thin fronts for individual units but for the entire kitchen.

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Wide variety of materials and thicknesses

Our EXPANDO T fixing method for thin fronts of 8 mm or more is suitable for many different materials, allowing you to deliver exceptional design ideas. Surprise your customers with customised furniture.


Dark furniture, thin fronts

Plenty of worktop surface in front of the cabinet and lots of space behind thin doors for keeping beautiful things safe. CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors in onyx black merges beautifully with dark furniture.


Stunning material mix in kitchens

Material mix in kitchens - the thin fronts of pull-outs and doors present an elegant look. Use LEGRABOX and CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors in onyx black with pre-mounted EXPANDO T to beautifully combine light and dark coloured furniture in kitchens.


One kitchen, many possibilities

Linear design, narrow gaps and thin fronts. Discover the many possibilities that the new EXPANDO T fixing method offers.


Thin fronts throughout the kitchen

No matter whether wall cabinets, doors or pull-outs, all applications can be implemented with thin fronts. LEGRABOX with its linear and sleek drawer side design can now be combined with beautifully thin fronts.


Design in bathrooms

Thin fronts to match filigree washstands in bathrooms. LEGRABOX front fixing brackets are available for different heights.


Courageous show of colour in living rooms

The AVENTOS HS lift system swings up and over the cabinet, giving you easy access to contents. This wall cabinet is a real eyecatcher!

Your contact

If you want to know more about the EXPANDO T fixing method for thin fronts, drop us a line. We look forward to your call or email.

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