CLIP top

For proven function and perfect design.

Throw open the doors for Blum’s proven classic. CLIP top stands for enhanced adjustment and assembly ease, trustworthy function and attractive design. Every door equipped with Blum hinges opens and closes with reliable ease.

Tool-free assembly and removal

The CLIP mechanism - proven a million times over. Fronts can be attached and removed quickly and without tools.

Easy and precise three-dimensional door adjustment

Easy, infinitely variable three-dimensional adjustment with spiral screw for depth adjustment. Selected mounting plates have cam height adjustment.

Can be combined with BLUMOTION or TIP-ON

You can combine CLIP top hinges with soft-close BLUMOTION or with the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for doors.

Practical combinations

If your customers like to slam doors, simply combine CLIP top with soft-close BLUMOTION. And if handle-less designs are preferred, use the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for doors.

Clip-on BLUMOTION is simply clipped onto the hinge.

The TIP-ON mechanical opening system with an adapter plate.

BLUMOTION for drilling for hinge side or handle side assembly.

Case studies

110° standard hinges

Whether wood or wide aluminium frames - you have plenty of options when it comes down to materials.

Wide angle hinge

Pull-outs can be opened with ease, giving you clear visibility and easy access to contents.


For glass and mirror doors. The adhesion plate is glued on.

110° standard hinges

The ultimate in design elegance and reliable function.

Aluminium frame hinges

Even narrow aluminium frames can be beautifully implemented with CLIP top.


Hinge and mounting plate for gluing - ideal for glass showcases.


The design and function of our fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of our products and services.