For functional opening ease

Whether it’s doors or stay lifts - handle-less furniture will open at a single touch with the TIP-ON mechanical opening system. To close, simply press shut. The TIP-ON mechanism will still work perfectly even if users pull open doors or wall cabinets.

TIP-ON for doors

Handle-less doors open at a single touch, giving users easy access to the opening edge of fronts. To close, simply press shut.

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A single touch suffices and AVENTOS stay lifts open with ease. Users can then simply open up the fronts as far as desired. To close, simply press the lift system shut.

TIP-ON for pull-out systems

The mechanical opening system also delivers reliable handle-less opening to drawers and pull-outs. A single touch anywhere on the front is all that's required. TIP-ON can also be used for wide pull-outs thanks to optional synchronisation. To close, simply press shut.

Case studies

Your hands are full - no problem

TIP-ON for AVENTOS delivers opening ease to living areas throughout the home.

Simply press shut

To close doors, lift systems equipped with TIP-ON, simply press the front shut.


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Woman wearing cardigan opening wood overhead cabinet