A practical solution for small storage spaces

Narrow cabinets turn tiny kitchen spaces into valuable storage. Blum’s SPACE TWIN with diagonally offset runners creates additional storage space – without compromising stability or quality of motion. This is the ideal place to keep narrow utensils such as bottles, chopping boards, spices and baking trays.

Blum's proven quality of motion

Blum's proven quality of motion is prominent in SPACE TWIN. Minimal opening force, a feather-light glide and adaptive BLUMOTION for soft and effortless closing guarantee top quality motion and enhanced ease of use. What’s more, the narrow cabinet can be fully extended, providing easy access to all contents.

High stability and load bearing capacity

Diagonally offset runners provide improved lateral stability and enable a high load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg per base cabinet.

Harmonious look

The concept can be implemented with LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX and TANDEMBOX box systems as well as TANDEM and MOVENTO runner systems to create a consistent and harmonious look.

Countless possibilities

Thanks to the consistent use of Blum fittings, SPACE TWIN can be implemented with the existing product range. The solution for narrow cabinets cannot only be realised with LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX and TANDEMBOX box systems but also with TANDEM and MOVENTO runner systems.