Organisation at its best

The inner dividing system for LEGRABOX consists of elegant frames which beautifully organise furniture interiors throughout the home.

Elegant design

AMBIA-LINE’s minimalist look harmonises beautifully with LEGRABOX, the elegant box system whose drawer sides are slim and straight.

Amazing interiors

AMBIA-LINE organises LEGRABOX interiors with simple elegance.

Easy handling

The frames are easy to handle and can be positioned wherever required. A magnet for attachment to the back or sides of other frames and anti-slip feet provide a secure hold.

Tailored to contents

The flexible cross dividers can be easily adapted to the size of storage items.

Practical kitchen accessories

Practical AMBIA-LINE accessories demonstrate a perfect combination of form and function.

Case studies

Cutlery insert and frame can be combined as required

AMBIA-LINE for cutlery.

Wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks are immediately to hand

AMBIA-LINE drawer frame.

The practical and space-saving way to keep pots and lids

AMBIA-LINE cross gallery.

Clear visibility of contents and food won’t tip

AMBIA-LINE frame for high fronted pull-outs.

Bottles and chopping boards are held securely and within easy reach

AMBIA-LINE bottle holder.

For easy dispensing with a perfect tangle-free cut

AMBIA-LINE film dispenser.

Keeps up to nine knives nice and safe

AMBIA-LINE knife holder.

The holder holds up to 12 plates and can easily be carried to the dining-table

Blum plate holder.

Clear visibility of herbs and spices

AMBIA-LINE spice holder.

Toiletries are kept nice and tidy

AMBIA-LINE frame for high fronted pull-outs in bathrooms.

Beautifully organised interiors make it easier to focus on work

AMBIA-LINE drawer frame in offices.


The design and function of our fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of our products and services.