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About Blum Canada

Our Roots

We are a subsidiary of the family-owned company Julius Blum GmbH, of Hoechst, Austria - one of the world's leading manufacturers of functional furniture fittings.

Company History

Established in 1978 - our Mississauga, Ontario based location is part of a global distribution network that serves the unique requirements of over 100 countries.

Since our inception, we have supplied and supported the distribution of hinges, drawer & runner systems, lift systems, and tools which aid in their assembly.



We have experienced significant success with innovative products like CLIP top, and CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinets, TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX drawer systems, TANDEM and MOVENTO for wood drawers, as well as ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems, for a truly organized kitchen.

Many of these products can be combined with motion technologies like assisted opening by SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON, our soft-close solution BLUMOTION, or our combined assisted opening and soft-close, TIP-ON BLUMOTION.


We have two showrooms in Canada - one at our head office in Mississauga, Ontario, and the other in Montreal, Quebec.

Our showrooms offer a relaxed environment where you can touch and try out Blum's award-winning hardware and motion technologies. Here you will learn about our practical cabinet solutions and discover the latest Blum products and innovations - all with the help of a Blum specialist to assist in answering all of your questions.

Our Mississauga, ON location offers a Kitchen Test Drive experience which enables you to use our mobile cabinets to "test drive" your new kitchen design, for free. Test driving your kitchen will allow you to experience early on in the design phase how your kitchen layout will function.


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Blum Canada headoffice building from outside