4 for more – Motion technologies by Blum

Each of our four motion technologies can be used individually and each has its own special strengths. Choose the right motion technology, add enhanced convenience and functionality to your furniture and give yourself an edge over your competitors.

Standing out with Blum

Dave Brzusek, Managing Director of Interior Environments, explains how motion technologies by Blum make his made-to-measure furniture unique.

Motion technologies throughout the home

Kitchens with wide, handle-less fronts

Kitchen cabinets with recessed grips

Kitchens with a linear design

Kitchen cabinets with J handles

Overview of motion technologies

for wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs for wall cabinets and pull-outs for pull-outs for selected wall cabinets and doors
Mechanical soft close Electrical opening and soft close Mechanical opening and soft close Mechanical opening
BLUMOTION gives you soft and effortless closing for all your furniture – no matter how heavy the pull-out, door or wall cabinet front.
Wall cabinets and pull-outs open at a single touch. They have a free running action throughout. 

Soft and effortless closing with integrated BLUMOTION. Lift systems even close automatically at the press of a switch.
Pull-outs open at a single touch, giving users easy access to the opening edge of fronts. They can also be pulled open.

They close softly and effortlessly with an energetic push thanks to BLUMOTION. Can be pressed shut.
Furniture opens at a single touch, giving users easy access to the opening edge of fronts.

Press shut, without soft close.

Planning and ordering information

Interested in finding out more about motion technologies by Blum? You’ll find clear information about applications and how to order products in this brochure.

Or simply get in touch with your contact at Blum.