The electrical opening support system

This motion technology delivers supreme opening ease. A single touch suffices and lift systems, pull-outs seem to open by themselves. They close again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

Supreme opening and closing ease

Lift systems and pull-outs equipped with SERVO-DRIVE open at a single touch - regardless of the weight of the pull-out or front. And close again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

One system for the entire kitchen

SERVO-DRIVE delivers inspiring convenience and handle-less design to the entire kitchen. A single system suffices and pull-outs and wall cabinets all open by themselves.

Full control

Kitchen users can stop them and set them in motion again at any time. In other words, they are in full control. If there’s a power failure, pull-outs and lift systems equipped with SERVO-DRIVE can easily be opened by hand.

Easy to deactivate

SERVO-DRIVE can be easily deactivated via a switched outlet. This saves energy and makes it easier to clean fronts.

Case studies


The electrical motion support system for lift systems.

Soft and effortless closing

Simply press the switch.

SERVO-DRIVE for more freedom of movement

Use your hand, toe, knee or hip. Nothing could be easier.


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