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WMS Show 2023

Trends From Canada's Premier Woodworking Event!

Blum Canada team was proud to be part of the 2023 Woodworking Machinery and Supply Expo (WMS) in Toronto. It was more than just an exhibition for us, it was a chance to exchange with the woodworking community, and a chance to connect with skilled woodworkers, cabinet makers, and industry enthusiasts. This experience allowed us to dive deep into the latest woodworking trends and gain valuable insights into the wants and needs of our customers.

Here are some highlights from the 2023 Woodworking Machinery and Supply Expo (WMS).

Minimalism in cabinetry

With a rising interest in minimalistic aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly drawn to the look of modern, sleek living spaces. Clean and minimal designs are now at the forefront of home aesthetics, influencing the choices of those seeking a contemporary ambiance.

In response to this trend, pocket door systems have emerged as the perfect solution for creating discreet hideaway kitchens and concealed offices. Imagine the convenience of transforming your living space with just one push.

REVEGO from Blum is proving to be one of the best pocket door systems in Canada. A showstopper at our booth, this solution unveiled a complete package of quality, performance, and functionality for cabinet makers and woodworkers. Scheduled to hit the market in March 2024, subscribe to our REVEGO newsletter for updates about its launch.

Coming to the Canadian market March in 2024

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Efficiency is the name of the game

The current economy puts a heightened focus on the themes of efficiency and automation. Those who automate win. The show was a great place to empower cabinet makers with ideas that will increase productivity.

Blum took center stage to highlight our lineup of cutting-edge machines and accessories. The spotlight shined brightly on the MINIPRESS P, EASYSTICK, EASYSTICK Computer, and the 8 Spindle drilling head attachment as we had a promotion running on these items. Fear not though, the promo continues after the WMS. Find your local Blum distributor and they will still have the promotion running till 31st of January 2024.

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Continuing with the theme of minimalistic aesthetics, it's not only that living spaces are being transformed but cabinet design itself has also taken a turn to minimalism, as the new design language entails thinner cabinet panels, and hidden hardware to create a more modern and sleeker look, while also maximizing the storage space within the cabinet itself.

Blum’s latest addition to the AVENTOS lift system family, the HKi had woodworkers and cabinet makers impressed by the hidden mechanism within the gable itself. By completely concealing the hardware, the result is a cleaner and more sleek design when opening the lift system, look out for the AVENTOS HKi releasing mid-2024.

Coming to the Canadian market in 2024

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Blum Inspirations

In response to the surging demand for minimalist design at the WMS, we take the initiative to offer woodworkers a fresh perspective. Our approach involves highlighting innovative ways to maximize the potential of our existing hardware lineup through inspirational demo units. Embracing this new era of design, we aimed to provide our customers with creative ideas that break away from the conventional. If you are eager to delve deeper into the realm of inspiration, consider booking a showroom tour with one of our representatives. Explore our product line and discover how they can be utilized creatively to bring your woodworking projects to life.

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