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6 highlights from WMS Toronto 2019

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From October 31 - November 02, Blum Canada exhibited at WMS Toronto and inspired thousands of visitors that felt and saw first hand how innovative hardware can transform living spaces. Kitchen cabinet makers tried the latest innovations in machinery and assembly devices that improve efficiency and make their customers wishes come true.

This year, Blum Canada was very proud to respond to Mississauga Mayor Crombie's campaign of raising funds to feed hungry neighbours. We proudly donated $5,000 to Mississauga Food Bank demonstrating that together we can make positive changes.

Here are some of the highlights on the products we showcased at this year’s WMS:

1. EASYSTICK, the new dimension in assembly

EASYSTICK is the new automatic stop system that makes it easy to set up drilling and insertion machines. It optimises the entire assembly process, giving you fast and simple machine set-up and perfect results. Drilling positions are calculated digitally, stops move automatically to the right position and you are shown the correct fixing positions step by step. Position panel, drill holes, done!

2. SPACE STEP – for maximum space utilization

Blum will soon launch SPACE STEP, an all new toe kick solution that takes storage to new levels! You will discover newly created storage possibilities now accessible behind the toe kick. You’ll experience an easier time accessing those hard to reach areas in upper cabinets. SPACE STEP even makes it possible for children to lend a helping hand. SPACE STEP brings multifunctionality to lower cabinets everywhere, the kitchen, wardrobe, front entryways and mud rooms.


While AVENTOS HK top blends in discreetly from a visual perspective, it makes a statement with its impressive performance. AVENTOS HK top is also available with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system. Functionality is increased considerably with one-touch opening and closing via wireless switch. What’s more, even with the added electrical drive unit, the lift system remains impressively compact.

4. Thin fronts for all your cabinet designs

EXPANDO T is the first fixing method available for thin fronts ranging from 8 - 14mm. This award-winning fitting opens up a wide array of design possibilities with fronts now possible as thin as 8mm with even very dense materials like HPL, quartz composites, natural stone and more. With EXPANDO T you can create the thin front look throughout all three Blum products areas: AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinets, hinge systems for doors and drawer fronts for LEGRABOX drawer system. EXPANDO T makes minimalist furniture design so easy!

5. Test the Best! MINIPRESS P promo

Take advantage of our promotion to order MINIPRESS P, your workshop specialist. As a drilling and fittings insertion specialist, MINIPRESS P takes on the routine jobs in the workshop producing precise assembly results for cabinets, doors and fronts. Once setup is complete, drilling and fitting processes are fast, accurate and easy. There are also optional components available making assembly even easier, e.g. additional drilling heads for tool-free drill changes.

Special promotion at $2,350 until January 31, 2020.

6. Quick and precise assembly with MINIPRESS top

MINIPRESS top is the latest generation drilling and insertion machine by Blum. The assembly device speeds up the complete assembly of cabinets and makes it easy to carry out central line and horizontal drilling. Combined with EASYSTICK, Blum’s computer-aided automatic stop system, cabinet makers and manufacturers can produce precise and finely crafted pieces of furniture in no time.

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