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The TANDEM range impresses with its feather-light glide and dynamic load bearing classes of 30 and 50 kg.

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Full and single extensions

TANDEM is available as a full and single extension. The full extension gives you easy access to the very back of drawers so that everything is immediately to hand.

TANDEM cabinet profile with locking device feature

TANDEM’s locking device makes drawer insertion and removal child’s play. The locking device also serves to secure the drawer box to the runner.


Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

30 kg

Full extension

250 - 550 mm

50 kg

Full extension

450 - 750 mm

30 kg

Single extension

270 - 550 mm

Motion technologies

Furniture closes softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION. For handle-less fronts, simply combine TANDEM with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system.

ORGA-LINE inner dividing system

The high quality inner dividing system that beautifully organises every drawer and high fronted pull-out. No matter whether cutlery, bottles, pots and pans - everything is nicely tidied away. Tailor your storage space to your needs using the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system.

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Practical cabinet solutions

Practical cabinet solutions improve workflows in kitchens and make optimal use of the storage space available.



The practical larder unit for easy, all-round access.

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Narrow cabinets

The easy way to use every inch of storage space.

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Sink cabinet

The cabinet that maximises storage capacity around your sink.

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