Well-thought-out product details

A special TANDEMBOX cabinet profile has been designed to support the mechanical opening support system. Various nominal lengths and weight ranges can be implemented using the different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units available. All other components are universal.

Cabinet profile


Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

30 kg

270 - 600 mm

65 kg

450 - 650 mm

Unit and latch set

Einheit und Mitnehmer TOB TBX
Nominal length Weight range Unit Colour coding system
270-300 mm ≤ 10 kg
10-20 kg
Light grey
350-650 mm ≤ 20 kg
15-40 kg
35-65 kg
Light grey
Dust grey
Helping you select the right TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit

It is important to use the right TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit to achieve top quality opening and closing. Please use our Product Configurator to select the right fittings.

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This brochure also contains useful information on how to select the right unit.


We recommend using the synchronisation feature to enlarge the trigger range and achieve top quality performance. A synchronisation linkage is used to this end.

Trigger range with and without synchronisation feature

Synchronisation linkage with synchronisation adapters for internal cabinet widths of ≥ 287 mm

One-piece synchronisation can be cut to size for internal cabinet widths of 238 – 286 mm

Case studies

Innovative technology

TIP-ON BLUMOTION delivers top quality motion, enhances workflows and works on a purely mechanical basis.

Extensive trigger range

The synchronisation feature enlarges the trigger range so that even wide and high fronts open with ease.

Extra convenience guaranteed

No worries if your hands are full. Thanks to TIP-ON BLUMOTION, pull-outs open at a single touch. 

Excellent corrosion protection properties in high humidity

TIP-ON BLUMOTION is a 100% mechanical system and is therefore ideally suited for implementation in bathrooms.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION in hallways

Even high and wide fronts open at a single touch thanks to the extensive trigger range.