Our range at a glance

Offering variety has never been so easy with uniquely designed drawers and pull-outs to meet every demand. A wide range of colours, heights, nominal lengths and load bearing classes allow you to cater to every customer's needs.

Colour range

The MERIVOBOX platform comes in a range of colours to suit every taste: silk white matt and indium grey matt create a stunning design.

Cabinet profile

The innovative L-shape of the cabinet profile makes MERIVOBOX incredibly stable – MERIVOBOX impresses even when fully laden. The new box system not only has a synchronised feather-light glide but also boasts high front stability, opening up new possibilities for kitchen design (high fronts can be easily combined with low drawer sides).


Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

40 kg

270 - 600 mm

70 kg

450 - 600 mm

Motion technologies

Furniture always closes softly and effortlessly thanks to integrated soft-close BLUMOTION. For handle-less fronts, simply combine MERIVOBOX with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system or the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system. Thanks to the identical fixing positions, your manufacturing processes are always the same – so the motion technologies can easily be retrofitted.

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Inner dividing system AMBIA-LINE

The elegant frames of the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system complement MERIVOBOX perfectly. Cross galleries and lateral dividers can be positioned flexibly so you can adapt MERIVOBOX to suit storage items.

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Practical cabinet solutions

Practical cabinet solutions improve workflows in kitchens and make optimal use of the storage space available.


The practical larder unit for easy all round access.

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The clever plinth solution creates additional storage space and gives users easy access to higher storage levels.

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Sink cabinet

The cabinet that maximises storage space around your sink.

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The easy way to use every inch of storage space.

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