Huge flexibility with lots of extras

A particular advantage of TANDEM is the broad product range. The concealed runner system for the load bearing class of 30 kg is available as a full or single extension. A wide range of nominal lengths is also available – from 350 to 550 mm. This makes the runner system perfect for the widest variety of applications, from a flat and deep pull-out for clothing in the bedroom or an odds and ends drawer in the hall, to a narrow yet deep pull-out for hygiene products in the bathroom.

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Full extension

Design your pull-outs to suit different needs with TANDEM. The full extension is the right choice if you want easy access without any loss of storage space. It is available with a load bearing capacity of 30 kg.

TANDEM cabinet profile with locking device feature

TANDEM's locking device makes drawer insertion and removal child's play. What's more, the locking device serves as a lift-off stop.


Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

30 kg

Full extension

350 - 550 mm

The right level of convenience for every requirement

Adaptive soft-close BLUMOTION ensures soft and effortless closing, while the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system makes opening particularly easy. A single touch suffices and the drawer seems to open by itself.

A custom inner dividing system

Keep your drawers and high fronted pull-outs in order with ease with our inner dividing systems. No matter whether it's cutlery, bottles, pots or clothing – everything is nicely tidied away.

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Practical cabinet solutions

Practical cabinet solutions improve workflows in kitchens and make optimal use of the storage space available.

Sink cabinet

The cabinet that maximises storage space around your sink.

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Pull-out shelf lock

Secure hold for pull-out shelves. The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

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