The economical runner system

STANDARD is an exposed runner system and the economical solution for your wooden design ideas. It consists of only a few components, making both storage and assembly incredibly easy. The robust runner impresses in everyday use due to its good running characteristics and high stability.

Good running characteristics and high stability

STANDARD has only a few components, so assembly is quick and simple. Its proven roller runner works with low-friction nylon rollers. They run quietly and true in a stable manner, guaranteeing a smooth opening and closing action.

Quality for the lifetime of the furniture

The economical STANDARD runner system meets the exacting requirements of high functionality. For the lifetime of the furniture. You will feel the quality of the manufactured product when you mount the runner – your customer will feel it when they use it.

Application examples

STANDARD in the office

The single extension is suitable for office furniture such as a desk or filing cabinet. Drawers made to meet personal requirements and the tried and tested STANDARD runner enable bespoke office solutions.

STANDARD in children's rooms

The single extension is perfect for children's rooms.

STANDARD in the garage

The runner is also a tried and tested solution for furniture in the hall or garage.