Easy manufacturing and assembly

Thanks to identical fixing positions, manufacturing processes are always the same. This means that motion technologies can be easily retrofitted as required. Pull-outs and drawers that are to be equipped with TIP-ON BLUMOTION for MERIVOBOX are made as normal. No modifications are needed. Blum's practical templates make manufacturing and assembly easy.

Assembly and installation

Standard cabinets and drawers

TIP-ON BLUMOTION can be implemented with standard cabinets and fronts. No modifications are needed.

Easy assembly

Like most components, the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit is assembled without tools.

Precise front gap adjustment

The front gap can easily be adjusted to 2.5 mm using the setting template (even if the front is already in position).


The synchronisation feature enlarges the trigger range and improves the TIP-ON BLUMOTION function. Two synchronisation options are available for different internal cabinet widths. Both can be mounted without tools.

Internal cabinet width starting from ≥ 294 mm

TIP-ON BLUMOTION units for internal cabinet widths of 294 mm or more are synchronised with synchronisation adapters and a synchronisation linkage.

Tool-free assembly

The symmetrical synchronisation linkage is clipped onto the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit without tools.

Internal cabinet widths of 238 to 294 mm

One-piece synchronisation is used for smaller internal cabinet widths instead of a synchronisation linkage and adapters.

Installation instructions

Assembly videos

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is simple and precise. Assembly must be precise to deliver perfect motion.

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Important information on the manufacture, assembly and transport of TIP-ON BLUMOTION

You as a manufacturer and your customers as future users should enjoy the long-term use of pull-outs with TIP-ON BLUMOTION. That is why we request you to consider the following important items of information.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION manufacturer tips TIP-ON BLUMOTION manufacturer tips