Everyone talks about quality. We ask questions.

Blum quality revolves around one key question: Do our products meet our customers’ needs?

And because needs change over time, we talk to our customers, we listen to them, ask questions and continuously develop the requirements of our products and services.

Blum products are at home all over the world. But it’s a long road until they deliver enhanced user convenience to furniture around the globe. Watch our video to find out how Blum quality is created and what makes it so special.

Product quality

As a manufacturer of fittings, we do a great deal to ensure that our products inspire users a furniture lifetime: we do research, conduct tests and carry out ongoing optimisations. For us, product quality is not just about design and function. Our fittings suit a wide range of applications and can be assembled and installed with utmost precision.

To exceed customers’ expectations.

Blum product quality

Service quality

Blum is not just a supplier of top quality products. We develop solutions that allow you to further enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. We rack our brains over your processes - from ordering the right fittings and manufacturing perfect furniture to successfully selling kitchens. Make the most of our services and make individual jobs or even whole work steps simpler and more efficient.

Blum service quality