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Compliance at Blum

Acting ethically and legally in all our business activities is a vital part of safeguarding our company in the long term for the benefit of our employees.

Code of Conduct

We have summarised the key principles of conduct in our Blum Code of Conduct, which sets out binding rules that apply to every employee of Blum. It requires that we act in an appropriate, legally correct and ethically impeccable manner.

Collaboration, integrity and reliability form the basis for our joint success.

Verhaltenskodex - Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct supplements the Code of Conduct by defining the environmental and human rights requirements we place on our partners, especially in relation to our product and service supply chain. This also aligns with our own set of values.

Blum Supplier - Code of Conduct

Blum Integrity Line

The Blum Integrity Line is our digital whistleblower system.

For us as a company, the receipt and subsequent investigation of reports is an opportunity to constantly scrutinise and improve our actions as well as our guidelines and processes. By reporting concerns, compliance risks such as possible reputational damage can be recognised and averted at an early stage.

We want to strengthen the willingness to behave lawfully in our company and at the same time make it easy to submit reports. Our basic expectation is that any misconduct or violations will be addressed directly face-to-face. This means that any accidental or unintentional misconduct can be stopped quickly and easily and avoided in the future.

If, in individual cases, a face-to-face dialogue does not lead to the desired result, the Blum Integrity Line is available.


To the Integrity Line

Blum Ansicht BE13 Werk 2 in Höchst