Apprenticeships with Blum

Training is more than just our responsibility – it is the future

Many of our employees started out as apprentices years ago. They have undergone an impressive transformation, just like Blum. With their commitment, knowledge and skills, each of our apprentices has helped a forge to grow into an internationally active company. The young people whom we employ as apprentices today secure our future, and with their expertise and commitment, help Blum to produce fittings for its customers around the world at the Vorarlberg site.




apprentices worldwide

For over

50 years

Blum has been training apprentices

More than


apprentices have been trained by Blum

Blum provides training in a range of technical professions.

Around 400 apprentices are currently undergoing training with Blum

Over 60% of all previously trained apprentices are still with Blum today

Personal support and learning in small teams – over 100 instructors share their knowledge

Following basic training, apprentices work in specialist departments where they learn directly from the experts