An elegant basis

LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free offer a selection of noble matt colours and a premium look in anti-fingerprint stainless steel – for elegant metal drawers.

In addition to LEGRABOX pure with matt, metal finishes, the LEGRABOX free design version allows height C high fronted pull-outs to be customised to individual designs. Whether glass, wood, leather or stone — large design elements create special highlights.

LEGRABOX pure – A true statement of beauty

Flowing lines, classic colours inside and out – monolithic drawer side LEGRABOX pure stands for timeless chic.

LEGRABOX free – Your creative playground

When it comes to the design elements you can create to your heart's content. Refine the design of LEGRABOX free with glass, wood, leather, stone or any other material you can imagine!

Design on site

Design flexibility up until the very last minute with customisable LEGRABOX free design elements that can be mounted with supreme ease.

Colour range

LEGRABOX comes in a wide range of colours and materials to suit every taste.

Branding elements

Select the branding element that best fits your interpretation of LEGRABOX. We will print or emboss the logo in your desired colour. Opt for the new metallic finishes and printing in silver, gold or copper to create impressive highlights and produce a unique design that underlines the quality of your furniture.


LEGRABOX free in carbon black matt

Countless options – combine LEGRABOX free with your own customised design elements.

LEGRABOX pure in the home office

Work is so much easier in an inviting environment. Elegant carbon black matt creates harmony.

LEGRABOX pure in orion grey matt in bathrooms

Classic and discreet, the drawer blends harmoniously into the washstand.

SPACE TOWER with LEGRABOX pure in anti-fingerprint stainless steel

Thanks to its matching front piece, LEGRABOX pure is the ideal inner pull-out for the SPACE TOWER larder unit.

LEGRABOX free in silk white matt in bathrooms

Elegant and harmonious combined with stone design elements.

LEGRABOX pure in anti-fingerprint stainless steel in kitchens

The high-quality material is the ultimate defence against the fingerprints of family life.

LEGRABOX free with wooden design elements

Create designs to suit your style: LEGRABOX free in carbon black matt with design elements made from mature wood.

LEGRABOX pure in silk white matt in bathrooms

With LEGRABOX drawers, cosmetics can be neatly organised and are immediately to hand.

LEGRABOX free in carbon black matt in living rooms

Combined with leather design elements to create special highlights.