SERVO-DRIVE for pull-out systems

Bringing great diversity to kitchens

A single touch or a light pull of the handle suffices and drawers and pull-outs seem to open by themselves. They close again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION. And it doesn’t matter where you touch the front!

Countless possibilities

For all nominal lengths

SERVO-DRIVE can be combined with pull-outs of all nominal lengths and dimensions. The cabinet width must be at least 275 mm.

No impact on pull-out system

No modifications need be made to pull-out systems to equip them with SERVO-DRIVE. The feather-light glide of runners and soft and effortless closing with BLUMOTION are still guaranteed.


Drive unit for pull-out systems

Triggers the opening signal with a single touch on the front. Can be used with all pull-out systems.

Distance bumpers

Ensure the required trigger path of at least 2 mm.

24 watt transformer and transformer unit housing

Blum’s transformer can be combined with a cable and country-specific plug so it can be implemented all over the world. The transformer unit housing facilitates correct installation and ensures sufficient air circulation.

Bracket profile

Flexible attachment of drive unit to suit position of pull-out.


Thanks to piercing technology, cabling is very flexible. It can be easily adapted to individual space requirements.