Make your life easier - simply retrofit your MINIPRESS!

Upgrading MINIPRESS with the new EASYSTICK ruler system is quick and easy. Components can be replaced and/or mounted to the machine in a few simple steps. Fine tuning is carried out at the press of a button.

EASYSTICK registration

Register EASYSTICK at​easystickreg. You need to register EASYSTICK if you want to get all the updates on product data and features.

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Replace ruler

Simply unscrew the existing MINIPRESS P ruler and replace it with the new EASYSTICK ruler.

Install control unit

Use the special screw-on bracket to mount the computer to the machine. All you have to do then is connect it to the mains.

Ruler fine tuning

Connect the ruler to the computer with the cable provided. As soon as you select the command 'Reference', the ruler adjusts itself automatically.

Installation instructions

Assembly videos