Information for end consumers

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste at the end of their service life. Ask your local authority for information on how to proceed. Batteries used at Blum meet the requirements of the Battery Directive 2006/66/EC.

Batteries are collected separately, which enables the batteries or their materials to be recycled. This is intended to prevent any hazardous materials that may be contained in the appliances from damaging the environment and health during disposal. Please refer to the disassembly instructions for information on removing batteries. There are free collection points for returning batteries in your area.

When disposing of batteries, avoid shorting the contact surfaces.

Battery Directive 2006/66/EC

Under the Battery Directive the manufacturer/importer of batteries is also responsible for their disposal and is required to register. We at Blum fulfil this responsibility. The official registration information at the responsible authority in your country is as follows.

Registration number for disposal of batteries: