Furniture with Blum fittings

The right product for every living area

The design and function of furniture differ depending on living area. Our comprehensive range offers the right fittings solution for many different living and working worlds.


Nowhere else are the aspects ‘beautiful’ and ‘practical’ as important as in the kitchen. Merging cooking, dining and living space is still very much en vogue. Our practical fitting solutions support this design trend.

Beautiful and practical

Combine beautiful furniture with our practical applications.

AVENTOS HF bi-fold lift system

Bi-fold lifts fold up and out of the user’s way at a single touch, delivering supreme freedom of movement to kitchens and living spaces.

AVENTOS HK stay lift

The S or XS models are also ideal for small lift systems in tall cabinets.

SPACE TOWER pantry unit

Practical cabinet solutions like SPACE TOWER make everyday kitchen use a piece of cake.

155° 0-protrusion hinge

This hinge gives you a large opening angle and easy access to contents.

Sink pull-out

A clever ergonomic application that uses unused space under the sink.

Narrow cabinets

Blum's practical idea gives you the possibility to use every inch of storage space available in kitchens.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system for LEGRABOX

The versatile frames are available in high quality steel, complementing LEGRABOX in both colour and style.


For easy ergonomic access to corner storage space.

AMBIA-LINE spice holder

For clear visibility and easy access to herbs and spices.

Living rooms

Wouldn’t it be nice to have top quality motion and enhanced user convenience in your living room? Beautiful design can be paired with optimal use of storage space and easy access to interiors. With solutions by Blum.

More beautiful living space

Tried and tested kitchen solutions also work exceedingly well in living rooms.

AVENTOS HL lift up

Handle-less fronts glide up at a single touch thanks to the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.

TANDEMBOX intivo box system

TANDEMBOX intivo lets you personalise the design of pull-outs


MOVENTO runner system

Even heavy pull-outs have a feather-light glide with concealed runner systems for wooden drawers.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system

Everything is immediately to hand thanks to the inner dividing system for LEGRABOX.

CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge system

The hinge with integrated soft close comes in two colours.

Consistent design - from without to within

CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black - living room furniture without compromise on design.

Bedrooms and children's rooms

Fittings solutions that deliver soft and effortless closing like BLUMOTION are ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms. Bedroom furniture impresses with its feather-light glide, enhanced user convenience and soft close.

Within easy reach

Easy access thanks to inner pull-outs and soft and effortless closing with BLUMOTION.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system

Everything’s immediately to hand with the inner dividing system for LEGRABOX.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system

Nice and tidy interiors.

TANDEMBOX intivo box system

Always the right choice if you want to create personalised designs.


Fittings are the heart of furniture. The better their quality, the better and more long-lasting the furniture as a whole.Ideal for standing up to the rigours of bathroom life.


Functional design uses every inch of storage space.

LEGRABOX box system

LEGRABOX is as wide ranging as the concept of ‘home’ itself.

Inner pull-outs in bathroom cabinets

Plenty of space for everything needed in bathrooms.

AVENTOS HK-XS stay lift

Little installation depth, great convenience.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system

Clear visibility and easy access to all contents.


Hallways are home to many items you’d like to have immediately to hand. This is where clever storage solutions come into play, beautifully organising even the smallest of interiors.


Perfect for organising interiors, so there’s no more searching through drawers to find scarves or sunglasses.


High fronted pull-out with BOXCOVER and design element




Personalised designs within and without - thanks to drawer sides with design elements.

Home offices and offices

Whether home offices or offices, beautifully organised interiors make it easier to concentrate on work. Good organisation not only saves money. It looks good, too.

AVENTOS HK stay lift

The ergonomic lift system for wall cabinets.

TIP-ON for AVENTOS lift systems

Touch to open. To close, simply press shut.

AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system

Everything within easy reach.

CABLOXX locking system

Keep documents nice and safe.


Wide and deep display units are called for in shops. Sleek design helps draw attention to quality merchandise. A good runner action and silent and effortless closing of drawers also makes the shopping experience more pleasurable.




A versatile design for individual ideas

ORGA-LINE inner dividing system

Merchandise can be beautifully displayed and then cleared away.

TANDEMBOX intivo box system

Design elements can be specially chosen to match the colour scheme of hotels.

TANDEMBOX box system

Drawers deliver easy access.

CABLOXX locking system

Protect contents against unauthorised access.


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