AVENTOS HK-S small stay lift

The mechanical opening support system for handle-less designs

AVENTOS HK-S is the perfect choice for wall cabinets of small height (up to 400mm) in high cabinet applications such as over the pantry or refrigerator. The compact design and neat and tidy fitting dimensions allow AVENTOS HK-S to be perfectly integrated into small pieces of furniture, making the best possible use of the storage space.

Easy opening, secure closing

Whether in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, movement towards handle-less furniture has become increasingly popular in modern furniture design. Wall cabinets fitted with TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-S ensure small stay lifts open with a gentle push on the cabinet front. Furniture closes securely with the TIP-ON magnet latching function with a soft push.

TIP-ON is also available for AVENTOS HK for handle-less designs featuring higher wall cabinet application (cabinet heights greater than 400mm).

Advantages of TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-S:

  • TIP-ON specific AVENTOS HK-S lift mechanism combined with TIP-ON for doors
  • Mechanical opening support
  • Easy assembly
  • Flexibility in cabinet height (max 400mm) and width whilst assuring stability
  • Suitable for any small wall cabinet in all areas of the home


TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-S is available from November 2013.

Please note that TIP-ON is not compatible with BLUMOTION.

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