Design & Furniture trends

Blum hardware supports global and local cabinetry trends

Frequently, kitchen designs and customers’ wishes are based on the latest cabinetry trends. Blum’s fittings systems allow you to implement these trends and create personalised solutions.

We offer different options for your handle-less designs. A single press suffices and pull-outs, lift systems and doors seem to open and close by themselves when equipped with our electrical or mechanical system to suit the level of convenience desired.


In addition to meeting exacting design standards, SERVO-DRIVE also gives users great freedom of movement and ease of operation. The electrical opening support system is also available for individual applications on request.


This motion technology combines the advantages of our mechanical opening support system with those of tried and tested soft-close BLUMOTION. The TIP-ON function is activated by closing pull-outs or drawers with an energetic push. And BLUMOTION cuts in for soft and effortless closing.


The TIP-ON mechanical opening support system also allows you to implement handle-less furniture throughout the home. It’s particularly handy when your hands are full. Fronts will open at a single touch. To close, simply press shut.

Large fronts, wide pull-outs

Large fronts and wide pull-outs are becoming increasingly popular. The use of new materials and different front thicknesses places new demands on furniture fittings. We ensure that Blum fittings deliver high stability and smooth running action regardless of the size and weight of fronts.

Bespoke details

Blum offers different ways of making furniture even more unique. Flexible design solutions allow you to carry highly individualised design through to the interior detailing.

You’re spoilt for choice! LEGRABOX free allows for glass sides or customised design elements. You can also discuss branded cover caps with your own logo with your Blum representative.


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