Cabinet Configurator

Total support from planning to manufacturing

A successor product for our tried and tested DYNAPLAN planning software: the Cabinet Configurator by Blum. Plan entire cabinets in your web browser – free of charge, no need for installation and always up to date.

Configure Blum fittings using the integrated collision check with just a few clicks. Comprehensive planning results make manufacturing quick and simple.

Advantages for cabinet makers with and without CAD software:

  • Use free online tool for 3D cabinet design - no need for installation, no manual updates required

  • Plan and save cabinets including collision-checked fittings

  • Design cabinets completely digitally and save valuable time

  • Transfer projects to your CAD software for further planning and design

  • Produce parts and cutting lists, production drawings, CAD/CAM and BXF* files – digital or analogue for printing with just a few clicks

  • Use BXF* and EASYSTICK to transfer planning results to MINIPRESS

* BXF- eXchange Format

The BXF file not only contains information about the fitting, but also manufacturing information for wooden parts,
such as cutting dimensions and drilling positions.

BXF is compatible with an increasing number of partner software products and can be easily transferred to drilling and insertion machines with EASYSTICK.

You’d like to design special applications such as SERVO-DRIVE for pull-outs, angled hinges or SPACE corner using an integrated collision check? This is where our tried and tested DYNAPLAN planning software comes in handy.

Customised standard values

Plan and design cabinets even faster. Save frequently used cabinet dimensions as standard values.

Front planning

One-part or two-part fronts of different materials - everything is possible. The Cabinet Configurator will automatically calculate the weight of the front.

Interior design

Plan fixed shelves and shelves, central panels and line drilling quickly and simply with drag & drop in the Cabinet Configurator.

Fittings selection

Incorporate Blum fittings in your cabinets without error. Then transfer the list of items to selected distributors with a few clicks.

Planning results

Comprehensive planning results make manufacturing fast and easy. The configurator provides CAD and CAM data, cutting lists, precise drilling positions and lots more.

You’d like to switch over from DYNAPLAN to the Cabinet Configurator? Simply start the Cabinet Configurator in the E-​SERVICES portal. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your personal contact at Blum.


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