Drilling and insertion machines

Precise drilling and component insertion

Our wide range of drilling and insertion machines provides you with the right solution for everyday assembly situations. Quick set-up and easy operation ensure the efficient assembly of all Blum fittings.

MINIPRESS PRO - The versatile tool

MINIPRESS PRO is extremely versatile. The device makes it easy to do vertical drillings and insert fittings with utmost precision. The pneumatic feed combined with its tool-free setting make MINIPRESS PRO a highly efficient tool.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Vertical drilling and component insertion

  • Quick change of drilling heads already equipped with drill bits and insertion rams

  • Fast changeover of dedicated rulers with pre-set stops

  • Drilling depth and drilling distance settings through revolving stops


No matter what the application, the drilling depth can be set accurately via the colour-coded revolving handle. Trial test drillings are no longer necessary.


The drilling head, which is colour coded and comes complete with chucks, is inserted and secured using a tool-free locking device.


The drilling distance can be set accurately using the spindle or the digital display.


Tool-free setup saves time. Colour coded stops are pre-set. The rulers themselves can be quickly fitted and removed.

MINIPRESS P - The specialist tool

You're opting for a specialist with MINIPRESS P. Once set up, MINIPRESS P is great for handling frequently-used drilling patterns. It can also be used to insert fittings quickly and easily.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Vertical drilling and component insertion

  • Drilling distance settings using spindle

  • Pneumatic feed


The required drilling distance can be set from the front using the spindle.


A 9-spindle drilling head can be installed to drill hole groups in the 32 mm system and an 8-spindle drilling head can be fitted for frontal and cabinet profile assembly without tools.


Various drilling patterns for furniture fittings can be set quickly, tool free and precisely with the multi-swivel drilling head.


MINIPRESS P allows you to insert Blum furniture fittings easily and efficiently.

MINIPRESS M - The mobile tool

Blum’s MINIPRESS M is a compact drilling and insertion tool. MINIPRESS M can be used in workshops or directly on site for reliable manual assembly.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Vertical drilling and component insertion

  • Manual feed for drilling and insertion


Exact drilling depth is set accurately using the adjustment screw.

Sur MINIPRESS M de Blum, le réglage des cotes de perçage est fait à l’aide de leviers de serrage

Exact drilling offset is fixed using a clamping lever.


Precise manufacturing: 9-spindle drilling head for hole groups in the 32 mm system and 8-spindle drilling head for front fixings and cabinet profiles.


The lever is pulled down manually for precise drilling.


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