Clear-cut and rectangular

A reliable product, bespoke services, stringent quality standards, award-winning design and consistent development – these are the foundations of a successful partnership. Proven a million times over, TANDEMBOX antaro fits the bill in every way, and has done so for decades.

Inspire your customers with our double walled box system and rest assured that we will not stand still. We are always looking to drive innovation and enhance established products.

Proven a million times over – TANDEMBOX cabinet profile

All TANDEMBOX antaro applications are based on the tried and tested TANDEMBOX cabinet profile. Its feather-light glide has impressed users for decades. Low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers are designed to withstand load bearing classes of 30 and 65 kg and deliver top quality motion for the lifetime of the furniture.

Timeless – Rectangular design

TANDEMBOX antaro is characterised by its clear-cut design and rectangular gallery. This means you can carry minimalist design through to pull-outs and drawer sides.

Simple and tool-free – Assembly

We want you to be able to assemble our products quickly and simply, for example with our tried and tested INSERTA technology for tool-free assembly.

Opening and closing ease

Motion technologies by Blum ensure enhanced ease of use day in, day out. Be it mechanical or electrical – drawers and pull-outs equipped with Blum motion support systems seem to open and close by themselves.



TANDEMBOX antaro is ideal for storing items of all sizes

TANDEMBOX antaro in bathrooms

TANDEMBOX antaro carries the design through to interiors

TANDEMBOX antaro with kitchen accessories

TANDEMBOX antaro equipped with ORGA-LINE plate holders

TANDEMBOX antaro in vanities

TANDEMBOX antaro high fronted pull-out in bathrooms


The design and function of our fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of our products and services.
More information about the awards that Blum products have won can be found here.