Cabinet Planner

DYNAPLAN gives you different ways of planning cabinets and selecting the right Blum fittings. All the information you need for assembly and ordering is provided by DYNAPLAN. A collision check ensures that your furniture will function perfectly once it's assembled.

CAD/CAM data can also be exported via an interface and then edited in different CAD/CAM programs. So you have the advantages of both programs.

Advantages for cabinet makers

  • Helps you plan and manufacture kitchens

  • Plans kitchens according to DYNAMIC SPACE criteria with the CABMAX module

  • Provides all information needed for manufacturing and ordering (cutting dimensions, components list, drawings, etc.)

  • Integrated collision check saves trial applications

  • Calculates complex cabinet designs (SPACE CORNER, angled cabinet)

  • Comprehensive DYNAMIC SPACE Cabinet Library

  • Planned projects can be reused with CAD/CAM interface

Advantages for authorised distributors

  • Saves time needed to process customer orders because parts lists are correct and complete

  • Fewer complaints caused by wrong or incomplete orders

  • Useful information tool to accurately answer customers’ questions

  • Optional link to your online shop so that parts lists can be directly transferred from your order lists

Download DYNALOG

DYNAPLAN is part of DYNALOG and can be downloaded free of charge.

Download DYNALOG now

Request a digital download DVD

If you do not have internet access or your internet connection is not suitable for downloading, you can also request DYNALOG installation data on a DVD. Please contact your Blum contact partner or use one of the other contact options provided below.

Content and features at a glance

Intuitive, quick and easy

You are taken through the configuration process with explanations (images/text) given of individual steps.

Complete parts list

Clear presentation of all the fittings and accessories needed.

Accurate drawings

Information about drilling positions and production of wooden parts facilitate assembly.

Interface with partner software

Thanks to integrated fittings data and interfaces, planning results can be directly edited in your CAD/CAM software.

My projects/My order lists

The various parts lists can be assigned to your projects and production orders in “My projects” and “My order lists”. Now that's practical! Saved configurations can be used again, adapted or copied at any time.

Send to distributor

We offer a direct link to the online shops of selected distributors so that parts lists can be transferred quickly and efficiently.

Completing your order

Price and availability are clearly shown in the distributor’s online shop.
This is where you can complete your order.

Product Configurator

Looking for CAD data for individual items or entire solutions? Our Product Configurator will help you find the right fittings for your Blum fittings application. In addition, the tool helps you calculate complex solutions and offers many more useful features.

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