Cabinet Planner

DYNAPLAN gives you different ways of planning cabinets and selecting the right Blum fittings. All the information you need for assembly and ordering is provided by DYNAPLAN. A collision check ensures that your furniture will function perfectly once it's assembled.

CAD/CAM data can also be exported via an interface and then edited in different CAD/CAM programs. So you have the advantages of both programs.

Advantages for cabinet makers

  • Helps you plan and manufacture kitchens

  • Plans kitchens according to DYNAMIC SPACE criteria with the CABMAX module

  • Provides all information needed for manufacturing and ordering (cutting dimensions, components list, drawings, etc.)

  • Integrated collision check saves trial applications

  • Calculates complex cabinet designs (SPACE CORNER, angled cabinet)

  • Planned projects can be reused with CAD/CAM interface

Advantages for authorised distributors

  • Saves time needed to process customer orders because parts lists are correct and complete

  • Fewer complaints caused by wrong or incomplete orders

  • Useful information tool to accurately answer customers’ questions

Download DYNALOG

DYNAPLAN is part of DYNALOG and can be downloaded free of charge.

Download DYNALOG now

Content and features at a glance

Intuitive, quick and easy

You are taken through the configuration process with explanations (images/text) given of individual steps.

Complete parts list

Clear presentation of all the fittings and accessories needed.

Accurate drawings

Information about drilling positions and production of wooden parts facilitate assembly.

CAD/CAM interface

Thanks to integrated fittings data and interfaces, planning results can be directly edited in your CAD/CAM software.

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