Get your dream kitchen right

Test drive your kitchen with Blum to bring your plans to life

Have peace of mind before you commit

There’s nothing like planning your dream kitchen – the hub of your home and life. However, a kitchen designed to last a lifetime not only requires a considerate financial investment but also thinking through hundreds of practical nuances:

  • Does the layout work the way you envisioned it?

  • Is the space used efficiently?

  • Is the storage ergonomic and usable on a daily basis?

  • Do you have the right storage for your individual shopping habits?

  • Will doors, drawers or handles collide if opened simultaneously?

Thanks to the kitchen test drive, you can try out a 1:1 scale mockup of your project in one of our showrooms. For free. Once you have the plans from your designer, let us answer all the important questions before you commit to production. Plus, enjoy a coffee on us in a relaxed Blum environment.

Step 1

1. Book an appointment

Our showroom consultant will confirm the date and time of your appointment.

Step 2

2. Send through your plans

Before your appointment, send through your kitchen plans. We’ll bring your project to life before you arrive.

Step 3

3. Test drive your kitchen

Bring any questions or worries you might have. Your designer and/or cabinet maker are welcome to join you on the day.

"If you struggle in visualizing your space, the kitchen test drive is excellent in putting your mind at ease and trying different options. I highly recommend giving this a go."

Danielle R.

Why do a kitchen test drive?

Founded over 70 years ago in Austria, Blum has been researching the needs of kitchen users around the world for years. The insights we gain from user habits, needs, and desires have helped us identify a variety of practical essentials for kitchens, such as storage space requirements, internal organisation ideas, or functional cabinet applications. Driven by the aim to create a better quality of living, we are excited to share these ideas with you. Visit us for a kitchen test drive and learn how to make your kitchen both beautiful and practical.


Dividing the kitchen into zones

Proper zoning of the kitchen reduces movement and allows you to place everything exactly where it is needed.


Levels of ergonomics

All items in the kitchen can be placed at the appropriate height level depending on the frequency of their use: all the time, often or seldom.


Functional cabinet designs

Functional cabinet designs make working in the kitchen more convenient and allow you to use every centimeter of available space.