TIP-ON for doors

Easy opening with integrated door gap adjustment

Handle-less fronts open at a single press with the TIP-ON mechanical opening system by Blum. To close, simply press shut. TIP-ON is combined with the tried and tested unsprung CLIP top hinge to deliver top quality motion to doors.

Tool-free depth adjustment

The adjustment feature (+4/-1 mm) has been incorporated into the TIP-ON unit so even TIP-ON for drilling has integrated gap adjustment. Read the arrow markings on the ejector pin. To adjust depth, simply turn the ejector pin left or right.

A wide array of applications

TIP-ON for doors

The comprehensive range offers the right TIP-ON unit for every application. Here we have the unobtrusive model for drilling into the cabinet.

TIP-ON for doors

No modifications need be made to the cabinet if the TIP-ON unit is mounted using a screw-on adapter plate.

TIP-ON for doors – colour coordination

Choose the right TIP-ON colour to match furniture interiors and create visual impact with a coordinated colour scheme.

TIP-ON for doors – integral whole

Cabinet, inner pull-outs and TIP-ON are a harmonious whole. Choose the right colour TIP-ON and the fitting will merge beautifully with every item of furniture.